Embracing “The Muck”

The Blogger Black Southern Belle posted Black Women Juke Joint Owners and Food Heritage.

http://Wolcott, Marion Post, photographer. Negro migratory workers by a “juke joint” ?, Belle Glade, Fla. United States Florida Belle Glade, 1941. Feb. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2017877542/.

The Post included photos, such as the link above, from my birthplace, Belle Glade, FL, transporting me back over 60 years. I can “see” a young Ollie Eugene Carter (Uncle Brother/Mandaddy) in such places. One of the few times I saw my Mama Carter and my Mother seriously mad at beloved Brother was when he drove my sister and I (roughly 6 and 4 years old) to a joint and left us outside in the car, in the heat, bringing us orange sodas and junk food. We adored Mandaddy and begged to be taken with him. We were so young and this misadventure became a fun memory cause we survived; nobody was gonna mess with Mandaddy’s little kin girls. My Dad moved us to Pennsylvania for better job and school opportunities. The Muck runs deep. I can still hear the music blasting out the open doors of that joint.

Peterson Family photo

2 Crows Fly By

“…neither rivers nor the steepest mountains stop his course, he swims over the one and scales the other.”

The London Review Of English And Foreign Liturature, by W. Kenrick – 1767


Arthur Morris/VIREO

2 crows stopped by this morning, alighting on the wires and houses across the way. On this day post-Halloween, I immediately wondered about any metaphysical meaning of 2 large unpopular black birds entering my space, cawing their musical messages as they hopped and searched for scavenge-worthy bits.


But then I affirmed that this is my father’s world and we creatures all have our place and reasons. I refocused on my daily meditation, breathing in peace and exhaling concern. The visitors had moved on, going about their business, as had I.


Born Believing

Hold to the OUTCOME of what you want, and feel it as here now.

BornBelieving.Cute Black Babies Twitter

That is your job.


The HOW it will come about is the Universe’s work.


Source: Millionaire Mindset‏                                                                                                                          
Image: Cute Black Babies Twitter